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Day Trips
Adult - 13-54 Years
Child - 3 to 12 Years of Age
Senior - 55 Years and Older
Infants - Under 3 Years of Age (Must be Reserved)
Frenchys Cove
Anacapa Island
Anacapa Island Fares
There are a limited number of day trips to Frenchy's Cove scheduled during the winter months. To get ashore you are transported by an inflatable boat from the main boat through the surf onto a cobblestone beach. A short hike over a rocky knoll takes you to Anacapa's south shore and a rocky tide pool habitat.
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Exploration, other than crossing the knoll, is limited to the intertidal zone. The intertidal zone is a protected environment within the park where many species of plants and animals thrive. You can observe aggregate and sunburst anemones, limpets, barnacles, large mussel beds, starfish and a variety of colorful marine algae.
There are no facilities and no camping at this landing area.
Schedule: Intermitently from January through early April as tides permit.
Dan Harding
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