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The Channel Islands National Park (CINP) has five islands that make up the park. Anacapa & Santa Cruz comprise the "local" islands while Santa Rosa, San Miguel and Santa Barbara Islands make up the "outer" islands. Island Packers travels to all five islands.

We land at
East Anacapa Island throughout the year at the Landing Cove and during certain days of the year in winter and early spring when the tides are very low, Frenchy's Cove can be visited for tide pool exploration.

Santa Cruz Island has two destinations, Scorpion Ranch and Prisoners Harbor and we visit these locations year round.

Seasonal trips to the more remote outer islands, Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa and San Miguel are scheduled late spring through early fall. Trips to
Santa Barbara Island operate from April through October, landings at San Miguel Island from May to October, and Santa Rosa Island from April to November.

There are no services on the islands, so please pack in what you will need for the day, including food and water, and pack out all trash. Dress in layers for outdoor activity, and wear sturdy shoes for safety and comfort.

Certain sea conditions can prohibit landing at any time of the year. Our experienced captains will make these decisions with your safety in mind.
There are many ways to enjoy your National Park and Marine Sanctuary. Hopefully your visit will leave you inspired to learn more about the Channel Islands and visit again.

These islands are home to many species of unique plants and animals. Many of the endemic species, such as the endangered Island Fox, are found only on the Channel Islands. You can help care for the unique, native flora and fauna of the islands during your visit by following some simple precautions, and regulations & things you may not bring.

- Leave your pets at home, they are not allowed on the islands as they could introduce diseases that the native animals have no resistance to.

- If you have been camping or hiking in other areas, please check your boots and gear for seeds and clean them off so you do not accidentally introduce a weed or invasive plant to the island.

- Take care not to toss organic matter like apple cores and other seedy foods onto the island, as this is another way new species are introduced.

To learn more about island plant life visit the Wildflower Page on the CINP website. You can download a species check list and color identification field guide. A bird watching list is available on the CINP website, or you can download the Island Packers Bird List that includes some useful descriptive information to help you with your identifications.

The waters that surround the islands are also part of the park and can add to the enjoyment of your visit.
The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary extends si x (6) miles out around each island, includes Marine Protected areas and is administered by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Adminstation. In these reserves you may not fish or collect any living thing.

Click Marine Protected Reserves button below for more information or to download their maps. All intertidal areas are protected and no collecting of any kind is allowed on the islands.

By treading lightly during your visit to the Channel Islands National Park and the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, they will remain special places for future generations.
Protecting Your National Park & National Marine Santuary
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