On all of Island Packers' trips to the Channel Islands we cruise with an eye out for wildlife, especially everyone's favorites, whales and dolphins. There are two seasons each year where we specifically go out into the waters of the Santa Barbara Channel and the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary to view the larger of the marine mammals, the Pacific Gray Whales and Humpback and Blue Whales.
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Gray Whales, Humpback Whales, Blue Whales and about 25 other species of whales and dolphins have been identified within the waters of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.
Throughout the year it is possible to see Minke Whales, Orca Whales, Common Dolphin, Risso's Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin, Pacific White Sided Dolphin and Dall's Porpoise
The Humpback and Blue Whales are attracted to the local area during periods of upwelling that produce the plankton food they feed upon. Typically the ocean conditions that produce this feeding phenomenon occur between June and September.
Gray Whales migrate yearly between Alaskan waters and Mexican waters and back again to Alaska and passe between the manland and the local islands.. Whale Watching trips begin on December 26th and continue through the second week of April. Island Packers also offers island trips during this time that also will stop to view the migration.
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Adult - 13-54 Years
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Senior - 55 Years and Older
Child - 3 to 12 Years of Age
Adult - 13-54 Years
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Infants - Under 3 Years of Age (Must be Reserved)
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