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Santa Rosa Island
Weekend Campsites Available
Travel Dates 8/27-8/29 & More
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Day Trips On 8/24, 9/27, 9/29, 10/17 & 10/19
Santa Barbara Island
Whale Watching
See the rugged shore line of Anacapa
or Santa Cruz Island from the boat.
View the Island Shoreline
Common, Pacific White-sided, Bottlenose,, & Risso's Dolphins & More on great days.
See Dolphins at Play
Harbor Seal, California Sea Lion, Stellar Sea Lion, Northern Fur Seal and more.
View Seals & Sea Lions
Recently reopend after pier repair.
Landing Cove - July to October
Santa Barbara Island
Always Affordable Family Fun. 3.5 Hour in Length.
December 26 to Mid April
Gray Whales
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Channel Islands Wildlife Cruise
Anacapa Island
(Low Tide Days Only)
Frenchys Cove - November - April
East End Landing Cove - Year Round
Santa Cruz Island
SBI & Pelagic
Birding Trip
Santa Cruz Island
Thursday August 21. 2014
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Santa Cruz Island
Reserve Now Seating is Limited
Cueva Valdez Trips
Santa Cruz Island
Sunday October 26
Santa Cruz Island
Santa Cruz Island
Harbor Cruises 2014
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Blue & Humpback Whales
Full Day Trips with a stop at
Painted Cave
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Santa Rosa Island
San Miguel Island
The Outer Islands
Bechers Bay - April to November
Cuylers Harbor - May to October
The Local Islands
Scorpion Anchorage - Year Round
Prisoners Harbor - Year Round
Blue & Humpback Whales
May to September
Cruising the California Channel Islands for
Education, Recreation and Research Since 1968.
Island Packers
1691 Spinnaker Drive Ventura, CA 93001
With a stop at Painted Cave on the way home.
Island Packers
3550 Harbor Blvd
Oxnard, CA 93035
Home Office:
Opens one hour prior to boat departure time.
9am-5pm 7 days a week &
one hour prior to first boat departure.
Satellite Office:
With a stop at Painted Cave on the way home.
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Island Packers Cruises
642- 1393
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Labor Day Weekend
Saturday Night Campsites Full Throughout the Park